Sunday, 23 October 2011

Gmarket Haul #7

A smaller haul this time round as I was pretty much broke after my grad trip to Europe! Got a few things to satisfy my gmarket urges! hahah

Decided to try out ENAS manicure set. Previously, I tried out Konad and it was extremely difficult getting the stamp art onto the nail. Somehow I had a hard time transferring the paint from the metal plate to the rubber stamp and onto the nail. I am hoping this rubber stamp method would have greater success! Cant wait to try it out :)

 Caught sight of this great face mask deal and decided to give it a shot! For a set of 50, I spend around 12,000 won. This could last me for some time! I have tried out each flavour and my favourite is the Aloe vera! Its really calms my skin! My least favourite of all was the Red Ginseng. The smell of the Red Ginseng was so over powering that I had difficulty breathing throughout the entire process... I would advise against getting this flavour if you are not keen on pungent smells!

I convinced myself that I needed these bags for work, just to make myself feel better! My room is practically flooding with bags.. Its time I stop! Anyway, I realized I have the the tendency of getting brown bags. I wonder why... I am currently using the dark brown one (enlarged picture) for work. It seems small but it can sure store all my junk! The best part is it can be carried as a sling or a shoulder bag! Awesome awesome awesome!

Bought myself a portable battery operated sewing machine.. This would come in super handy when I need to mend certain minor wardrobe malfunctions and alterations. For starters, I need to figure out how to use it hahah...

Have been searching for a knee length denim skirt for quite some time and was ecstatic to find a seller that sells them! They were slightly pricey but still cheaper than what I can find in singapore so no complains :)


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