Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Gmarket Haul #5

Nothing beats the excitement of receiving a gmarket parcel! :) This time round is a smaller haul compared to my previous ones as I wanted to spend the money I have accumulated in my g-account plus the 50,000 gift cert i won for "Best Blog"! THANK YOU SO MUCH GMARKET :) 

As usual, shopping at gmarket was a pleasant experience! EMS delivery is so efficient - i received my items in 2-3 days after it was shipped out from the warehouse. The funny thing about EMS is that they tend to use huge boxes and the items usually dont fill to the brim.

All the items were nicely packed individually :) Its the first time I didnt make any mistake in my order! Woohooo! So this is what I got:

I ordered name-plate necklaces for my 2 best friends as gifts and was super anxious to see how they turned out! The outcome was beyond beautiful!!! Not only were they nicely cut but the design is gorgeous! The necklaces came in cute tiny boxes and the seller was so generous - he threw in 2 pair of earrings as free gifts! I cant wait to give the necklaces to my besties!

Bought myself a leaf necklace to replace my old one that was tarnished! The necklace is so bling and i am loving it!

Seller: vikishoe
Needed a pair of sandals and chanced upon this unique pair. Sadly when it arrived, It came a tad too big :( but hack I am still wearing it! Its just so difficult to get shoes online because they tend to vary in cut! I am a 235 - 240. So my conclusion that I derived after all the past mistakes I made, is that for covered shoes i should get the bigger size 240 and for sandals I should get the smaller size 235.

Seller: 키니샵
My absolutely favourite piece of the entire spree! This cute cream lace dress is such a doll! *gushes* Cant wait to wear it out!!

Seller:  님프
There is this recent craze in singapore with can-can skirts! So i got myself this peach can-can dress. Save me the time in matching it with a suitable top haha!

Seller: 화이트폭스 (the link no longer works but you can try searching for the seller)
There was this crazy coat and jacket sale and although singapore is terribly warm especially of late where the temperature can reach a whooping 35 degrees, I couldnt resist purchasing these at such a bargain! Love the leopard print lining on the black woolen coat - sort of like a 'wild on the inside' kinda thing :D I got the navy sports jacket coz it has my initial! heheh...

Seller비비드소다 (tshirt) & 예그린 (skirt) 
Lastly got myself a couple of tees and skirts for casual wear! Dont you simply adore the ribbon tee - too cute to resist! Totally recommend the t-shirt seller! This is the 2nd time buying from him and I am always very satisfied with their items.

This is definitely one of my favourite hauls with gmarket! :) Everything is so awesome! I am still drooling over my new items!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

GE 2011: Future of Singapore

With all the buzz about Singapore's General Election 2011, I am tuning in to listen to the different opinions and views from various media platforms since this is my first time voting and i feel a great sense of responsibility on my shoulders! From all the 'news' I have been reading, theres one thing i dont like about politics - its ruthlessness. All the backstabbing, the smearing, the dirty tricks.

Rationally, I do see value in both the PAP's current policies and what the opposition has to offer. It all about striking a balance between both the economic and social issues. PAP represents economic growth and progression while opposition represents closing the social divide. It undeniable that both issues are equally important and interdependent. When a country is economically viable, it would then have the resources and capabilities to assist its people. Conversely, its the people who form the essence of society and only with them working together towards a cohesive and common goal, would there then be economic success.

Why then is there this constant criticism of  each others' ideas. Clearly, both parties have valid and excellent plans. Politics just seem to complicate matters by making this into a distributive situation rather than an integrative one. Rather than fighting each other to win the bigger share of the pie, why not work together to expand the pie. Isnt the ultimate goal to serve Singapore's best interest? Somehow in the midst of this whole political saga, the big picture is somewhat lost. 

I do hope that eventually at the end of the day everything turns out well...