Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Gmarket Haul #8

 Christmas is around the corner! My favourite season of the year =D Its a time of pretty lightings , colourful christmas trees and gorgeously wrapped presents! And of course the fun of shopping during this lovely period...
 Bought 3 blouses from the same store! Needed more tops for work.. They were pretty translucent hence the need for a cami/tank/spag to wear inside. Overall quality was average - the chiffon wasnt the smooth silky kind but more of the rough type. But the cut suited me!

My absolute favourite buy of the entire haul! It was also my most expensive buy! This gorgeous wrap skirt... Adore it to bits! Loved the pleating and the way it cut opens when you walk! hahah the material is superb too!

Caught sight of these cute little money purses and decided to buy a few to give as presents! Couldnt resist the butterfly ornament and vibrant colours! They are super handy to keep red packets (for upcoming chinese new year!), store dollar notes & passport for travel purposes!

These pouches are so cute! They come in 3 sizes and various colours! 
Decided to use them as gift bags =D

Dont you simply love the ribbon?! Bought these 2 matching colour items (pencil case and namecard holder)  because of the cute gold ribbon embellishment! The quality of these products were good I must say! Very well manufactured =)

Have been wanting to try Amore's Ryo shampoo for some time! And finally got down to buying it! The package contains a full size bottle and a medium size refill. The shampoo is this grey substance and has a very herbal smell. Need some getting use to. Hope after using it, my hair would be just as luscious as the model's on the packaging! wahah!
 Thats all for Haul #8! Happy Holidays everyone...

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