Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Gmarket Haul #6

I am now an official graduate! In just a short month away, I would be stepping into the corporate world. And so this haul was specially focused on "Looking good at Work!" :) Key items needed to be all prep-up for adulthood! haha and I must say its one of my favourite hauls of all time...

So this big box arrived on a saturday morning! Being woken up to a nice big surprise! How awesome is that! EMS is so efficient! My package arrived in just 2 days after it was shipped from Korea.

The box was not completely filled. I wonder why they dont pack the items up neatly into a smaller box...

Its always a joy opening up these mini packages! Its like Christmas all over again...

So here are the stuff i got!!! First and foremost - blouses from one of my favourite shops - Realcoco! The material of the blue top is excellent! Velvety to the touch and easy to match with pants and skirts! The peach top on the other hand was a disappointment as it was rather transparent (i definitely need to wear another layer inside!) and the material was kinda rough :( Love the design nonetheless!

Next up are work bottoms! I once again bought another skirt from 네모 as I was very please with the previous skirts i bought from this seller in my previous haul although the price was slightly on the high end. Actually this wasnt the skirt i bought. Due to my carelessness i selected the wrong design. But it all turned out well as the wrong skirt I bought was just as pretty and i simply adore it :) cant wait to wear it out!

I decided to try this seller 코디양  because of the wide variety and the prices of the work clothes offered was really reasonable. I bought a grey skirt and a dark grey pants (I was in the mood for grey apparently haha). The 2 items turned out surprisingly beyond expectation. Despite the material not being that sturdy, the design and cut was excellent :)

I couldnt resist some dresses as well! I once again bought from 시크라인. This seller have the loveliest work dresses that are affordable and flattering to the body! Even my mum who has expensive taste love the dresses :) She was shocked to hear that at such a reasonable price, I was able to get these decent pieces!

I have always wanted a nice looking cardigan for both casual and work purposes. Not sure which seller to choose from, I decided to try my luck on 베니엔젤 and 프라이데이. The former (the blue cardigan) was definitely the clear winner! Not only was it cheaper but the material was so comfy! The white cardigan wasnt too bad itself - just that the material wasnt the cottony kind and it was a teeny weeny bit transparent. It also looks nothing like the pic on the site.

To complement the outfits, I bought a pair of black court shoes. They fit me perfectly though I am not sure if its that comfortable and wouldnt give me blisters. Hence I decided to get myself some shoe gel and cushion support just to be on the safe side hahah!

No point going to work with nice clothes with my face looking real shitty yea?! So I got myself some skincare products  to ensure my skin gets the best treatment it deserves after long hours in the office :D I decided to try Sulwhahoo brand since it was highly raved about. Got myself some sample sizes to test it out! The bottles are so darn cute - they fit nicely into my palm haha!

I would probably need to eat and drink at work too so I got myself nice handy water bottles from 락앤락 and a ultra convenient lunchbox from 락앤락! I am still gushing over the awesome lunchbox that has 2 separate containers for food, a detachable chopstick and a mini water bottle! And everything fits nicely into this aluminum-lined bag that keep the food warm! I am so in love with this buy! <3

Lastly, I got myself new ear phones! I got to be plugged in to my music while on my way to work aint i?! My old one was falling apart with loose wires hanging out and the rubber crumbling. The one that I got look exactly like my apple one except that the the rubber lining of the wire is of inferior quality (its thinner than the original). But the sound quality is equally good so no complains :)

So thats all for now! Gmarket hauls never fail to put a smile on my face :) Can hardly wait to go to work with my new stuff! woohoo!

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