Sunday, 10 April 2011

iPhone App Review: Leme Leme

Downloaded this awesome lomography application on my iphone! Its called Leme Leme! Tested it out and here are the outcomes...
How exam week is like... 

A messy desk with paper flying all around, laptop burning a hole in my table, reminders all over my Post-it board, snacks to munch on and COFFEE to keep me awake...The horror!

Here are a few more shot i took with my iphone! Lovely isnt it!

So here is an overview of the application. I downloaded the trial version so it only has the first 2 camera options (LemeLeme and Action 4) and 5 lenses. But thats definitely good enough for me! If you want all 7 camera, it cost 99 cents each from the app store!

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