Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Gmarket Haul #4

This is my 4th haul from g-market and as usual it was an awesome experience. This time round i had to use EMS delivery service as apparently Gmarket stopped working with DPD. Kind of prefer DPD as they really packed my items in the box really nicely as compared to EMS where my items were simply dumped in. Plus DPD delivery was slightly cheaper but i got admit that EMS is much more efficient. I received my items one week later as compared to DPD that usually took 2 weeks.
Have been eyeing the lovely headbands for quite some time and finally got down to buying them! They turned out exactly as shown on the pictures and the seller even gave 2 hair clips as free gift :)
Needed new shoes and a pair of sandals and saw these on sale! Quality wasnt topnotch but definitely decent but the price i paid! The sandals couldnt fit me though because apparently there is this malfunction in its design and the opening was not big enough for my feet to fit in :( There might be a possibility of salvation if i lengthen the strap using some rubberized material. Shall see what i can do about it.

Seller (Pants): 요즘에 
Got a size too big so i didnt look too good in it. Kind of disappointed because i was looking forward to receiving this the most sigh...

Seller (work top):썬데이베스트
Absolutely gorgeous work blouse! Nice cut and fit! Perfect for work :)

Seller (t-shirt): 나나데이
Looked exactly like what i hoped for. The lace made the top so cute.
Seller: 클리오 
Was so excited upon receiving this! My first time buying from Peripera - have read so much reviews and recommendations on their products and want to try it for myself. The packaging is so freaking pretty!
Couldnt resist trying out some of Etude House's facial care products and cosmetics considering they are so much cheaper than what i can buy here in Singapore. Decided to try Moistful special set that consist of massage mask and jelly moisturizer! Also head the rave reviews on the eye primer too so i just bough it. Seller gave 2 samples of it other products.

Can never resist getting stationery whenever i shop at gmarket! They are far too cute to resist! This time round i got a lion stationery set and stickers! woohoo! Got myself a passport case from the same seller who sells stickers. Love the imprints...

 Seller: e-table
Haha my whole family was so amused when they saw what i got shipped in! Knowing my tendency to love using my laptop on my bed, I decided to buy this portable bed table. The best part is its foldable, has ventilation, portable and sturdy! Yay now i can use my laptop on my bed without my laptop overheating unnecessarily!
 Seller: 코나드
Saw this manicure set and was so amazed by how it works! :) it has a whole wide range of designs and decided to buy it for my friend's birthday present! I am not sure how easy are they able to be applied on though! according to the website, it seems like a piece of cake haha!

So thats all I got! :) A lovely spree except for one item that was sent wrongly and the sandals that didnt fit :( Other than that everything else rock! haha!

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