Thursday, 24 February 2011

Gmarket Haul #2

To make shipping worth while, the order this time round was a large one! The package delivered was humongous which was also due to the fact that i ordered a substantial number of large items! It was also delivered in time for chinese new year so YIPPIE!

For starters, who can resist those cute stationary items! 

Have been eyeing on the checkered shirts for quite some time and got 2 in the end! 

Lovely wall decals to decorate the rooms...

To end off, here are my favourite buys of the spree:

I am usually not comfortable buying shoes online as the sizing tend to be wrong
But this time round i decided to try my luck and was simply amazed that they fitted so well!
Especially love the blue velvet heels that were not only comfortable but the height of the heel was perfect!
I couldnt be more satisfied! :)

I bought 10 pairs of earrings as there was a sale & were going for 1000 won per pair!
Couldnt resist those cute stud!
They turned out to be absolutely gorgeous!
Not all of them were well manufactured but most had superb quality!
Whats more, the seller was real nice and gave a couple of free gifts! *Double YAY*
Below are my top 3 favourites!

Gmarket is becoming an absolute addiction! Cant wait till my next big purchase :)

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